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Alex Capape


​Aragonese filmmaker raised in Germany and settled in Galicia, with 20 years of professional experience in the audiovisual world.


Hardened in hundreds of direct musicals, he has also carried out various jobs as a scriptwriter, producer, editor and director of video clips, advertorials, short films, ... Being selected at the Curtocircuito festival as one of the six most outstanding short films in the history of Galician cinema.

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Sandra calvente



Madrid-based filmmaker who lives between Madrid and a small town in the French countryside.


Always prepared with her backpack and her camera, she has traveled from Montreal to Geneva, passing through Galicia, Bordeaux, Brussels and Rome, to participate in the Festivals of the kino movement that was on her way.


Director of three short films:


Simon, Belgium 2018
Mateo, France 2018,

Always the same, Spain 2020


Patxi razkin


Basque director of short films, winner of different awards and recognitions in documentaries of scientific and mountain.

Erantzun zuzena (2016)
Keats vs Feynamn (2017)
Vacuum (2018)
Emergentzia (2019)
Ceres Revealed (2019)
Mundu bat ur tanto baten bornean (a world in a drop of water) (2020)





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Emiliano Caballero


Director of Monterrey (Mexico). specialized in the authorial triad of director, producer and screenwriter. Degree in 'Language and Audiovisual Production' from the UANL.


Professional in the audiovisual sector has obtained various international recognitions.


Selected in the Kino Galicia 2020 International Film Creation Residence in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.


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